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Levantine Cultural Center

Levantine Cultural Center

Big picture:
Levantine Cultural Center administers a greater understanding of the
Middle East and North Africa by presenting artistic and educational
programs that bridge political and religious divides bringing
awareness to Middle Eastern members and non- Middle Eastern members in
the United States.

Project Summary
Levantine Cultural Center fosters discussions among artists and
thinkers and offers classes and workshops that serve diverse ethnic
communities. They have options in there menu that help link the
audience to multiple sources of education about the Middle East
through their classes, workshops and conferences. Levantine cultural
center  educates the audience about arts and cultures of the Middle
East providing the latest information in current affairs, art
exhibitions being held, also a pod casts section to let listeners soak
in Middle Eastern culture and have better understanding of this.

Business / Objectives Goals:
Levantine Cultural Center encourages cross-cultural and
multidisciplinary collaborations. They produce or sponsor artistic
programs that give voice to issues and experiences of underrepresented
Middle Eastern communities in order to bring informative and
alternative information on these communities and make this aware to
the American public and media. They partner with the community to
discuss cross-cultural initiatives and educate a broader public with
cultural  and social importance.

Preferred date for launch by client:
Depending on how fast they can supply me with information on the
events, classes, workshops and all information on the Cultures such as
history, images, art exhibit images, and music. The estimated launch
of website would be about 3 months.

Target Audience:
The audience that will be targeted are ages 25-65 male/female who are
diverse and have culture awareness and withhold a stable income,
They want to educate themselves on the Middle East. They will have
certain credentials,collateral, and status. Most patrons that are
eligible to donate, will have the latest hardware and are computer
savvy. They like using the Internet as a tool to search for

Perception strategy:
Current perception: informative, comforting, helpful
Desired perception: organized, persistent, disciplined
Strategy: The strategy the website will offer is all the information
necessary to educate the audience on the cultural/social aspects of
the Middle East. Also their non- profit organization overlooks any
other non-profit organization in the area based on the precise
information that is researched and facts to prove that they are
knowledgeable in this concentrated area.

Message strategy:
Primary Message:The company cares about the Middle East and they raise
awareness about the cultural/social aspects for Middle Eastern
countries. They strive to give an optimistic image on the Middle East.
Levantine Cultural Center includes majority and minority cultures,
stretching from the historical Al-Andalus of southern Spain and
Morocco to the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and across North Africa and the
Middle East as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan. It includes the
creative work of Arabs, Jews and other ethnic/religious groups with
Mideast origins who are living in the West.

The new site will have a more organized approach at delivering the
cultural and social content of the Middle East. The site will have
links to education such as classes and seminars. As well as links to
the art and art programs. Also, it will give voice to issues and
experiences of underrepresented Middle Eastern communities by
involving discussion and adding a support page to activate the
interest of people. Members will e be able to state their opinions and
anything they wish to discuss on the site.

Competitive advantages:
They are the only cultural center in the area that deals with the
Middle East so competitive advantages will be that their center offers
more education and has more events then the others. Their website will
have a link to their notes of the seminars and their educational
activities. The audience will have the opportunity to further their
education and renew what they perceive about the culture of the Middle
East.  Levantine Cultural Center seeks to support the publication and
dissemination of research that substantiates the importance of the
arts in influencing social change